A Season of Hope

It made no sense … we had just lost our beloved Luna Rose after her battle with lymphoma.  Both Micheal and I were devastated and devoid of hope.  I spent the majority of the summer taking Luna to the hospital for treatments. When her fever spiked and she had to be hospitalized, I spent hours sitting in her ‘suite’ so she would know she wasn’t alone.  We really thought we’d have longer with our sweet, spunky little grey muzzle – our warrior princess.  And then she was gone.  As I sat at my computer, scrolling through Facebook in an attempt to dull the pain, I saw this little face … I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind.  My brain said, “this is crazy – you’re heartbroken and you just said goodbye to Luna, you’re not ready for another.  AND you’re the grey muzzle lady – you don’t ‘do’ puppies!”  And yet, I kept going back to this picture, something about the look on her face just tugged at my heart.  Maybe it was that look of triumph as she swam for the first time, reminding me of my cherished warrior princess who fought as hard as she loved.  And so against my better judgment, my heart won out and I contacted the foster mom of this little pup.  The first message that I received, after asking for more information, was … “her name is Hope.”

I burst into tears and I knew with absolute certainty that Hope was meant for me, and I knew she was heaven sent to help heal my heart.  There are no words to describe how much this precious little pup has filled my heart with joy – and yes, hope.   There are days that she tries my patience with her puppy antics, and then I look at her little face and my heart melts and I know I’m blessed beyond measure to have Hope in my life.

It may sound trite, but following our hearts is always the right thing to do.  Even when it makes no sense and our friends and family might think we’ve lost our minds.  Perhaps we have lost our minds in a way – and that’s a good thing for it allows us to hear the whispers of our heart.

What would you do if you could quiet your mind and listen only to your heart?  Christmas is a season of miracles and I believe it also brings us closer to our heart’s desire, if we have the courage to take that leap of faith.  Our hearts are softer and more open during the holidays, we’re often transported back to the magic we felt as children – when we believed anything was possible.   Christmas reminds us that ‘if we can believe it, we’ll see it’.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  All we have to do is listen to our heart, BELIEVE and have HOPE!

Wishing you all the magic of Christmas – with peace, love and joy,


Melissa Gray

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