Boho Bungalow – Finding Hidden Treasure

On a particularly hot and muggy day, I was feeling restless and more than a little snarky. We’d been waiting for our realtor to call us with news on the sale of our current home and I was on pins and needles.  Micheal suggested that I join him over at our future home, the Boho Bungalow, to do some demolition work to help channel my frustrations. Normally I don’t have anything to do with the demo portion of the project, but I figured what the heck … maybe hitting something with a sledge hammer would make me feel better!

First I have to preface by saying that our demo work is never done in a day as is seen on the popular TV show, Fixer Upper. Unless you have a lot of money, it almost never happens that way. For one thing, we don’t want to shut off power and water until absolutely necessary and for another we don’t have a big crew just standing by to clear out the building and haul off all the debris at once.

And so I headed over to the Boho Bungalow determined to quell my anxiety by ripping out a wall or two. A few weeks earlier, Micheal had discovered exposed brick when he ripped out some sheetrock on our two back bedrooms.

This will become a featured nook in our master bedroom!

As is often the case with older bungalows, the house had been added onto and they sheetrocked over the existing exterior brick. Jackpot! I love exposed brick and it will fit in perfectly with my eclectic boho design, blending the old with the new and adding layers of texture. We also discovered the same thing in our foyer.  Micheal knows how much I adore old brick walls and so he knew I’d be thrilled with the discovery – but it also means more work for him as it’s far more difficult to trim out a brick wall versus sheetrock. Some men wine and dine their wives, my hubby surprises me with vintage brick walls and I’ll take that any day!

I walked into my future nest and looked around trying to decide where to start. And then it hit me … I got that excited, tingly feeling when you know you’re just about to discover hidden treasure.  As I was standing in the kitchen looking into what used to be the laundry room and will eventually be our butler’s pantry, I nonchalantly asked Micheal if it was original to the house. He got a funny look as he answered ‘no’ and it dawned on him that I was on the hunt for more exposed brick! I couldn’t wait to tear into that sheetrock and sure enough, there it was, hidden for umpteen decades, that pot of gold at the end of designer’s rainbow … another brick wall!


As I began ripping the sheetrock off we discovered that the wall originally had a window so we’d have to brick it in to complete the wall. Piece of cake, I told Micheal. Really, how hard could it be to add a few courses of bricks?

As you can probably guess not as easy as it looks. And let me just say, if like me, you didn’t like playing with mudpies as a child, brick laying probably won’t be your jam. It’s a messy job! Thankfully Micheal is resourceful and determined and we now have a complete brick wall in our butler’s pantry. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can start painting and sanding the bricks – I promise to keep y’all posted and share my techniques!

Wall in the Butler’s Pantry with the window filled in – and our job site girl, Hope!

So remember, if you’re renovating an older home and you’ve got rooms that aren’t original to the house, you may have hidden treasure – either brick or shiplap – behind those sheetrocked walls!  Happy Hunting!



Melissa Gray

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