Day Four with Foster Dog – Where Did She Go?

NOTE: This post is written from the viewpoint of Hope, my one year old rescued black Lab.

This morning I was hanging out on the veranda with foster dog and once again she raced – hobbled – to back me up when a suspicious looking dog walked by.  We both stood there barking so that the ‘dog of interest’ would know we were watching him!  When he was out of sight and the street was quiet again, I decided to see if Amy, I mean foster dog, wanted to play – it was worth a try.  I pounced at her and did a quick play bow and she, in turn, responded with a little twitter of her pompom tail, I took that as a good sign!  Just as I was getting ready to see if she wanted to play zoomies, mommy reminded me to settle down cuz she’s an old gal like my sis, Daisy, and she might fall down.  It’s hard to be a puppy at the Grey Muzzle Inn – no fun!

After breakfast we all went downstairs to mommy’s studio and I discovered foster dog sneaking in to eat Midnight’s food. I was really shocked to catch her checking out the special snack shop – Miss Priss likes cat poop, wait til I tell mommy!  Before I had a chance to tattle, mommy was getting out my leash and asking if I wanted to go see my friends – she didn’t have to ask twice.  Let the old gals hang out, chanting and doing yoga or whatever – I was ready for some real play time!

I was extra excited to get to Fetch today and as mommy says, “whatch out, Hope’s coming in hot!”  Apparently the matriarch in the big dog play room was not so thrilled with my enthusiasm and I ended up in time out.  No fair, I was just trying to say HI when I hit her upside the head with my paw!   While I was “cooling off” in my little suite, I started thinking about foster dog.  I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but feel kinda bad about the last couple of days.  It’s not like I was mean to her or anything, but I realized that I wasn’t exactly welcoming and that made me feel bad.  I started thinking about when Daisy told me that foster dog was sad and confused cuz she had to leave her family and maybe that’s why she was clinging to my mommy and daddy.  The more I thought about her, the more I was determined to be extra nice to her when I got home – maybe I’d even let her have one of my special bones, or my penguin.  No, too soon, not my penguin, she might think we’re besties and I’m not quite ready for that!  I felt much better and a lot calmer so I was able to go back to playing with my friends and I forgot about foster dog for a while.

Mommy picked me up and I took a nap on the way home.  When we pulled into the driveway I was actually excited to see foster dog – and I was even gonna call her Amy, maybe that would help her feel like part of the family.  Yup, I’m gonna be nice to foster dog, I mean Amy!  I went bounding into the studio and nobody was there but Midnight.  Hmmmm, maybe the oldies are upstairs.  So I raced up the stairs and Daisy greeted me at the door.  But no Amy.  I went back out on the veranda and even down to the courtyard where she liked to stand at the gate and watch people walk by, but I couldn’t find her.  And that’s when mommy told me that Amy got adopted.  Wait, whaaaaat???  How could that be?  I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  Mommy was a little teary eyed when she told me – she said she’s happy for Amy but sad because she misses her already.  I felt horrible.  Why wasn’t I nicer to Amy the first day she came home with us?  Mommy said that it was ok, this was my first experience with a foster dog in the house and it was a big change.  I sure hope we get another foster dog soon – cuz now I understand why it’s so important to open our hearts and home to dogs who are left homeless.  And most of all I hope Amy has a wonderful life with her forever family, filled with lots of love and joy!  She wasn’t here long, but I’ll always remember my first foster dog.

Luv, Hope







PS  Just for the record, I found this pic of Amy licking a puppuccino in mommy’s phone.  I just KNEW she had been to the yummy place without me!  I hope the future holds lots of puppuccinos for foster dog Amy.

Melissa Gray

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