Friday Faves and Finds – October 19

It’s the beginning of the weekend and time for me to share some of my latest faves and finds! There’s nothing I like better than curling up with a beautiful magazine and these are two of my latest finds – full of inspiration with page after page of the most stunning pix and inspiring articles on everything from designing your own sanctuary to mouthwatering healthy recipes. I found them at our local Harris Teeter – you can check out their website for locations nationwide I have to caution, their website is as enchanting as the mags, so you might lose an hour or two getting lost in the gorgeous images and energizing articles!

Why use ordinary almond milk when you can transform coffee (either iced or hot) into a guilty pleasure with none of the guilt? I just stumbled upon this toasted coconut almond milk and I’m obsessed! It’s also a great addition to smoothies – my fave nighttime treat is to blend with frozen dark cherries and Ceylon cinnamon … absolutely delicious and cherries are touted as a sleep aid and beneficial in fighting insomnia. Much tastier than a cup of warm milk!

And while we’re talking treats – don’t forget to whip up something special for your BFF (best fur friend!). My girlies, Daisy and Hope, love their froyo paws – I use Siggi’s plain yogurt with a touch of honey, natural peanut butter (please check labels as many brands that are ‘low sugar’ are starting to use xylitol – a sugar substitute – which can be deadly to our beloved pups), and bananas. Blend and then pour into paw shaped silicone molds and freeze. Your pup will be doing the happy dance!

I recently discovered Saffron Marigold, an online company featuring globally inspired artisanal handmade textiles and I’m totally gaga over their products! There are so many gorgeous textiles that I’m having a hard time choosing.  I ordered a free sample and it’s so beautiful that I draped it over a dresser. Check out their website and subscribe to their blog for some great boho design inspiration!

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, I hope you’ll remember to take time out to relax, day dream and follow your bliss!



Melissa Gray

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