About Me

Melissa GrayI’m excited to share everything that I’m passionate about – life with our pups (especially the grey muzzles!), personal adornment, creating our own unique sanctuaries, cooking to nourish our bodies and souls, mindful living, and finding beauty in everyday moments! Please check out my blog for inspiration and tips!

Boho Classic Style brings out the free spirit in all of us, I like to think of it as Auntie Mame (for those of you too young to know about this classic movie, be sure and check it out) meets Coco Chanel. Artful living with a foundation of classic style. Blue jeans and pearls mixed with Buddhas and crosses, armfuls of bracelets with individual symbolism and homes designed to be our personal sanctuaries. In a nutshell – living an authentic and beautiful life! And I truly believe that our pups are sent to help us do just that – they bring so much joy to our lives simply by ‘being’ and they have so much to teach us, we have only to listen with our hearts!

Like many artists, my creative journey has taken many twists and turns. I’ve been blessed to have a vast array of professional experiences, each one leading me closer to my true purpose. As a PR professional, I discovered a love for planning events – every aspect brought me joy, from designing memorable environments with beautiful settings to creatively themed menus. I then studied interior design at the Seattle Art Institute and my passion for colors and textures was sparked, leading me to hone in on a career in decorative painting and faux finishes. I loved helping customers create their sanctuaries!

When the housing market crashed, so did my business. My husband and I had just finished restoring our historic building in downtown Charleston, SC and I found myself with a beautiful new art studio, too much time on my hands and no income. I turned to jewelry design – and dog rescue. A funny combination, I know! Designing jewelry allowed me to continue my passion for creating and dog rescue gave me such an immense sense of purpose. I had finally found one of my true callings. I served on the board of a local Lab rescue and eventually founded Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue dedicated to saving and finding loving homes for Retrievers (Labs, Goldens and Retriever mixes) 6 years and older.

Magnolia in pearls and daisy for fbMy first “Daisy Dog” was a beautiful grey muzzle ‘houndador’. She was on death row and I saved her without really giving any thought to starting a rescue. Because she was a stray, the shelter didn’t know her name – I named her Magnolia and she became the light of my life, my best friend and my muse. Magnolia joined our family and immediately became the pack leader – she was a regal old gal and she loved nothing more than accompanying me on walks through the City and dining in our many outdoor cafes. She was soon known as the Queen of Upper King Street – Charleston’s trendy shopping and restaurant district – coined SOHO of the South.

During one of our alfresco meals, the idea for the Urban Dog MatTM was born – it would take several years before it came to fruition, but the seed had been planted!

I got side tracked and busy with my jewelry design business and rescue but the Urban Dog Mat™ kept rolling around in my brain. When Magnolia was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, everything got pushed to the back burner. My main purpose over the next two years became making sure that my beloved girl had the very best quality of life. She taught me to live in the moment – and her joie de vivre was contagious!


And now Magnolia continues to be my grey muzzle muse and my guardian angel. I’m quite certain that she’s the one who planted the idea of creating a Boho Classic Style website and blog – just as I know for certain that she sent Luna Rose into my life, another precious grey muzzle left to die on death row.


I hope you’ll join me on this journey, as I work toward my true purpose of sharing and radiating pawsitive vibes!

Many blessings,