Three Ingredient Hearty Tomato Soup

You know those days when you get done working and all you want to do is put on your jammies and curl up with a big mug of soup and a good book – but then you realize you’re too tired to cook or you didn’t have a chance to get to the grocery store? Yeah, me too, all the time! A couple of years ago I was at Trader Joe’s and I wandered over to their cooking demo area. They were serving up a tasty soup – and it only had three ingredients, bonus! I immediately picked up some of their chicken jalapeno sausage, a package of chimichurri rice (in the freezer section) and a carton of their roasted red pepper tomato soup. I couldn’t wait to make this at home and see if it would pass ‘the hubby’ test – usually Micheal doesn’t consider soup to be a meal. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he loved it! I served it with a side of toasted cheese bread for him and he was a happy camper.

Forgot to take a pic of the sausage before I threw away the packaging! It’s in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe’s, look for chicken jalapeno – delish!

Whenever I’m at Trader Joe’s I always pick up a pack or two of the sausage and chimichurri rice and I keep them in the freezer for those nights when I’m too tired to cook but want a hot and hearty meal! Sorry Trader Joe’s, now I buy the roasted red pepper and tomato soup by the case at Costco – that way I never run out. And the soup is delicious on it’s own, just pour into a cup and heat up in the microwave for a quick light lunch. Of course, it’s perfect with grilled cheese sammies, too!


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Melissa Gray

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